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A Christian Republic Pt2

In my last note I talked generally about what a Christian republic is.  Now I want to be more specific, and talk about how the United States could be a Christian republic.  As it is today, the US is very far from being a Christian republic.  But at its roots, the US is not too far from it.  At certain times in its history, the US has come close to being a Christian republic.  Before the 60s the Bible was read and taught in public schools.  Prayer was allowed in schools, and abortion was outlawed.  Of course our history is not perfect, and there were other evils at that time, like racism.  Nonetheless, the past few decades have seen a major decline in moral values.  Now let me talk about how the US could be transformed into a true Christian republic.

The morality of the people is a big deal.  A republic must stand upon the public.  A corrupted public will certainly mean a corrupted republic.  With that said, the American People must return to God if America is to have any hope of being a nation that is truly one under God, or pleasing to God, as a Christian republic would be.  Abortion must be outlawed.  Its pointless to go any further in this note without saying that.  So long as abortion is allowed in this nation, the stain of evil is upon it.  Its pointless to speak of America being a Christian anything, without first saying this.  So the first practical step in moving towards a Christian republic, the US must add an amendment to its Constitution declaring unborn babies to be persons, and making all state laws against murder applicable to unborn babies.

During the sixties and seventies the US took one step forward and two steps back.  The one stop forward was the civil rights movement.  The two steps back was the Supreme Court's decision to ban prayer and Bible reading in public schools.  This was a massive misinterpretation of the First Amendment, and it actually goes directly against the First Amendment's freedom of religion, but I'll talk about that somewhere else.  The fact of the matter is, there would be no civil rights movement if not for God's word.  It was pastors and preachers who led the movement, like Martin Luther King Jr.  It was the principle that all men are made in God's image upon which the movement was based.  If all men are created in the image of God, what right does anyone have to discriminate against another because of skin color?  That was the central argument; it came directly from the Bible.  For the most part, Americans are not racists today.  But what has happened by removing God's word from the schools, is that many other forms of immorality have pervaded and corrupted the nation.  If America is to be a Christian republic, prayer and Bibles must be in every single school.  It was that way throughout most of our history; it absolutely must be that way for America to be a Christian anything.

Think of this: pornography is protected by the First Amendment, but religion in schools is not protected, even though freedom of religion is actually stated in the First Amendment.  As I stated before, the courts have greatly misinterpreted the Constitution.  This is partly because the Constitution does not speak of God and the Bible in clear terms.  That is a great weakness and flaw, as I will explain here.  Americans fool themselves into thinking they have freedom.  The freedom to abort, for example.  The freedom to view porn.  The freedom to have gay sex and call it a marriage.  It seems that freedom in America today is defined by the number of evil things that are allowed.  And yet so many Americans are worried about their government, drones, internet spying, a police state, etc.  Evidently freedom is both very alive and very imperiled.  But I will show that freedom is truly dead in America, because our definition of freedom is greatly distorted.  Freedom to do evil is no freedom at all.  If American women are allowed to murder their own babies in the womb, what does that say to government officials, or corporate leaders - anyone in power?  It devalues life.  It devalues the human.  It says, "we as a nation do not care what we do to each other."  If mothers care nothing about their own babies, why would we expect politicians, who do not have even half the decency of mothers, to care about their citizens?  If we heap abuse on eachother and call that freedom, what kind of abuse can we expect from those in power?  Plenty of it.  That is precisely why freedom is so lacking in America, even while people deceive themselves into thinking they are free.  So what can we do to actually preserve freedom?  It must be based on morality, and morality can only come from God.  There must be specific language in the Constitution that speaks of God and the Bible.  And it must be required of every citizen to at least acknowledge God's existence.  That may seem extreme, and it would be extreme if not for a certain event.  Today that would be extreme.  But if God revealed Himself in some way, proving to all people beyond any doubt that He is here all around, then it would be very reasonable for a nation to require its citizens to acknowledge God.  In fact, anyone that would deny God's existence when it so obvious, could reasonably be put in a stray jacket.  It would be the same as a person proclaiming himself to be a chicken.  The only difference is, and the only reason some people will claim there is no God in spite of overwhelming evidence, is that sin nature compels people to deny God, while sin nature has no desire to proclaim itself a chicken.  I'll explain a little further in my next note.  Let it suffice for now, there must be additions to the Constitution, which clearly and unmistakably make God and the Bible the central basis for the entire nation.  That would be a major step in becoming a Christian republic.

There's one other thing I will mention.  A republic can turn into an oligarchy if a few become super wealthy.  Enough wealth translates into power in most forms of government.  And that is what has happened here in the US.  We have an oligarchy as much as we have a republic.  There are a relative few who own the media and the lobbyists, and they have such an incredible influence on the politicians in DC.  They then pass laws that benefit them at the expense of average Americans.  And everything gets mixed into a mountain of regulation, paper and legal wording, that the average American doesn't know where to begin unraveling it.  God gave Israel certain laws to prevent this kind of thing.  Its not that every Israeli had to be exactly equal to every other Israeli, but that the wealth of Israel would not become concentrated in the hands of a few.  Each family was given an inheritance, and their inheritance passed down from one generation to the next.  Every 49 years - the Year of Jubilee - the ownership of that inheritance reverted back to the family, regardless of anything.  They could "sell" the land, but only for the amount of years until the next Jubilee, so in effect they could only rent out the land.  This prevented Israel's land from being gathered up into the hands of a few.  Furthermore, when Israel neglected to follow these laws, the prophet Isaiah warned them, "Woe to those who join house to house, who add field to field."  Hoarding up possessions, especially the productive land which average Israelis depended on for livelihood, was something that God condemned.  And when we look at our nation today, we can see how it would benefit average Americans, and the nation as a whole, if we followed something similar to the laws given to Israel.  In other words, if there was some way to maintain a relative equality of ownership of America's productive property - factories, land, real-estate, etc.  I believe there's a really simple way to do that, and still have a large degree of economic freedom.  Establish a $5 million wealth cap.  If a person has a net worth exceeding $5 million, simply tax every dollars worth above the 5 million mark at a 100% rate.  The super wealthy would find some way of reducing their net worth, likely giving to charities and relatives.  And the resulting reduction in price for every kind of investment would give average Americans a wonderful opportunity to invest.  Over time it would benefit all Americans in a number of ways.  I may write somewhere else exactly what those benefits would be.  But for here, let me just say that this would be a way of establishing some relative equality of wealth and income.  Equality is a fundamental principle of a Christian republic.

In my next note I plan to speak of what I believe actually will happen.  What I believe the future holds, especially for the United States.

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